Youpi! Nous avons un nouveau provider pour notre site! and are being migrated to a new platform, please bear with us while the site is being updated.

The new provider is . In general OVH is proving to be a far better provider than the one we had before, most notably the website functionality is all there and WordPress works really well with it, which was not the case before, it was clunky and slow.

Emails however are a pain, the MX plan that is the default offering from OVH for the Web Cloud plans is not providing proper support for DKIM, which is a problem because the three mechanisms to ensure email authenticity, SPF, DKIM and DMARC are all required, but without DKIM email providers like gmail will classify an otherwise valid email as spam because it cannot find a DKIM entry for the originating email sender.

If you are also having problems with your email setup, you may want to look at DMARCian, this is one of several useful websites that help you setup a proper policy on your servers. It is quite frustrating to understand how it all works. As you can see below the fact that DKIM cannot be configured is causing the failures which is quite frustrating because you simply don’t know if your emails are actually arriving at their destination or are being junked.

DMARCIAN Dashboard excerpt