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currently updating the site

so things will be weird for a while…

its ok lah now..

March 29, 2007   4 Comments

Chinese Blogosphere?

I believe it was Beijing City Weekened that had an article on blogs in China, and was complaining about their quality. Most of them are dealing with rants about China or else the traffic situation. More on that later 😛

What can I say? Am I going to be adding something so much better than the existing profusion of garbage/navel gazing/teenage blurting out there? Most likely not. Only that hopefully I manage to occasionally have some info that is useful to other people. Sometimes things need to be found out, and the only way to find out about them is by talking to others. But memories are weak, and a blog (ugly word) is a useful way to enable the word of mouth to retain a life after utterance. So it has some purpose, even if most of what is said is probably best left unsaid 😡 (let sleeping blogs lie etc.. 😉 )

October 11, 2006   Comments Off on Chinese Blogosphere?

New website!!

Well this is a bit better than the previous incarnations, and hopefully will force me to actually do something with this piece of junk, website no 8.5236.984.632.235.149 and maybe someone will actually care to visit the place.

Have decided to go for WordPress, after much delaying due to lack of time to do much about anything. Definitely WordPress seems the way to go, but still is a long way from being easy and simple to setup, yes installation is a breeze, but getting the site to look like something is different. Expect lots of pain and oddities as I try and get things running.

Many thanks to Swiss Patrik for pointing me in the right direction with his efforts�and I hope that I can avoid the spam harvests that idiots will try and send my way. Just this made my previous website incarnation unuseable.

October 6, 2006   Comments Off on New website!!