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What is it with my heart rate?

I have been wondering if I am setting heart rate goals too high for the spinning classes that I teach. I am finding that for the most part my HR is always above what is considered the “target”. Being 42, apparently my HR Max should be 178, but this is wrong as I can go to 185.
Taking a look at the following formula, this is what my hearts “age” would be:
Karvonen heart rate zones vs 'standard' ones

Karvonen heart rate zones vs

The resting heart rate is an estimate, but I go down to 55 when sitting, so 52 sounds plausible. So how can I work out what are my ideal rates, and how can I apply these calculations in a spinning class where the students have fitness levels that range from the poor to the “fitter than thou” (and 95% don’t have HRM’s, argh).
Does the fact that my HR (in relation to my age) during exercise goes so high mean that, in effect, I am unfit?
The tables provided by Johnny G are, in my opinion, rather low, and for many participants will make them feel like they are underperforming. I find increasing the values by 10% is more realistic, especially given the length of the classes, however this may offset the supposed ‘fat burning’ benefits of the programme, esp in endurance sessions.
What is realistic, however, are the Karvonen figures when taken into real life situations and using my real age, ie, I will find that I am running on a lower HR when actually on a real bike and that I will feel much more tired at 160BPM on a road bike than at 160 on a Spinner, or when running or most other things.
The rhetorical question is then, why is this so? What does using a Spinner bike change which affects HR so that it is higher at apparently equivalent output? What I find is missing on Spinner bikes is wattage. It would (should, you would need to change the resistance loader to a magnetic one) be very simple to add a wattage indicator to them and likely far more productive as you can see what you are outputting at particular HRs, cadenceĀ and types of exercise and measure the improvement over time, as well as be able to better include spinning as part of some training program.
Using this method you could then have a direct equivalent between what you output on a road bike and what you output on a Spinner and have a more realistic idea of what you should be using as target HRs in a Spinning program versus HR in normal situations.

December 12, 2008   3 Comments

Good Luck Beijing 2007 – Mountain Bike Invitational Competition – Laoshan, Beijing

I was asked to take pictures of this event by Jan Nemec of and so I took up the challenge with my Nikon D80. Here are the results, I will post the writeup here over the next few days..

Christophe Sauser has en entry in his website about the event, it looks like he enjoyed himself very much šŸ™‚

Liu Ying powering her way up the hill

Ook bedankt aan Rogier van!

The official GLB 2007 MTB website is here. I can’t get the videos to work..

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September 27, 2007   6 Comments

Beijing Pride Institute’s Fun Run day this Sunday the 16th

Check this out, running and food for free . Register with them and let them know how you plan to get there – there are fee shuttle buses from GuoMao, Kempinski and Lido…
This is organised by LuChin Mischki of the Pride Institute – trying to get Beijing shipshape and spittle free for the olympics…
More here this is the flyer for the event

Catch Olympic fever! Come and join us for a run and enjoy all the fun with your family while we support a good cause and build a better community! This family and sport orientated event is a great way to warm up for the 2007 Beijing Marathon or just enjoys the fresh air alongside the scenic Wenyu River.
[

September 12, 2007   Comments Off on Beijing Pride Institute’s Fun Run day this Sunday the 16th

Huanghuacheng loop – 2007 edition. The rock climbing was interesting :D

Been meaning to mention this for a wee while, after Johnathan talked about his adventures rock climbing with a bike in Taiwan, we did the Huanghuacheng loop for my birthday, this is a loop I particularly like as it involves some really nice scenery and some bike carrying through some of the clearest water available close to BJ. Taking a bath!

What we did not expect was that we would screw up directions completely and do it the *really* hard way. Enjoy the pix, I hope they are on par with what Taiwan offers! Not something you can do if you are one or two, we *really* needed that human bike chain! Also check Andi’s pix – go to News after entering the (beautiful!) Flash site.

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August 4, 2007   Comments Off on Huanghuacheng loop – 2007 edition. The rock climbing was interesting :D

Hope Bleed and Die :-) Or how to bleed a Hope Mono Mini disk brake set

This is something I did just before setting out for a MOB ride, and I don’t recommend doing that for the first time. You will find that you spill oil everywhere and getting oil on your disk brakes + pads is not recommended. Nor on your clothes, pets, baby or jibadeng (why would you want to do that anyway and who knows the correct pinyin for the beast? :P)

So, here are some pictures to explain the process. This is using the ‘My Little Bleeder’ kit from Hope, and a Hope Mono Mini setup but it will work chabuduo the same for other Hope hydraulic brakes. If you do not have the kit, I suggest getting one, or if you are with the MOB, asking nicely šŸ˜‰

First. Read the instructions. Don’t start to do anything. Did you understand them? Good. Ignore this post. You are obviously looking for something else. If not, read on…

My Little Bleeder - small picture

[

June 13, 2007   10 Comments

Mobsterings and no Gallery 2.0

Until I can somehow find a WSP (Web Service Provider) that allows me to host large files (ie 20GB of space or more) has secure SMTP, IMAP and POP3 access, the usual LAMP type setup and can run Gallery 2.0 along with WP and everything else I want to throw at it (Ruby on Rails for example) then I am stuck with kludging on this site.

This is a pity, I have a large number of pictures that could well go out there. Flickr is useful, but is a huge dustbin as well, with just a search on Beijing coming up with thousands upon thousands of pictures, nearly all of them just holiday snaps of no use or interest.

At least Porta is really beautifully designed, although it needs some tweaking to get it to be really 100% useful. It is very fast in generating pix, but totally non-interactive, in other words, once out there, the pix are static, just paintings on the wall. Why infomaniak cannot get its act together and ramp up PHP memory and have decent libraries beyond a basic GDLib drives me crazy, as they are otherwise really good.

So, enjoy the MOB pictures from Bai He  from KHM, they are really good. And there is another one here of the ride to Machang on the 1th of May

May 28, 2007   Comments Off on Mobsterings and no Gallery 2.0

Huangshan 2007 pix

Finally get round to putting link up to these pictures I took at the race. It was great fun, very good track, a bit short at 40K overall but quite demanding. Probably the best MTB race here in China.

Huangshan Mountain Bike Race - Before the start

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XTR Chainring bolts – meiyou

After my friendly bike shop did something strange with one of the bolts on the XTR middle chainring of my bike, and spending the best part of the Huangshan race having my chain fall between middle and outer ring and me lose two more bolts. Return to Beijing and then on to another shop where the only competent bike mechanic in town lurks. Ask for bike cleaning. Forget to mention the missing bits but do mention problem with wheel. ‘no problem’ it is fine. We will see. [Read more →]

May 16, 2007   3 Comments

Next crazy item on the sporting agenda

On the 10th of February, Sieg of MOB fame will organise a freezing duathlon at his place. (Dragon Villas, North-East of Beijing) Promises to be hard work. He has been training hard all winter in preparation for this event. Unlike the fat bastard writing this epistle šŸ™

Hard at work

January 3, 2007   5 Comments

If you feel like you are choking 2 death when running in Beijing

You are not alone. Of note is that triathletes are mentioned in this article, they of course are a very minor sport as far as the Olympics here are concerned. At least they did not have to swim in the witches brew at the Jinzhou (Bijiashan) triathlon!

Patrik Li on his Cheetah!

November 26, 2006   Comments Off on If you feel like you are choking 2 death when running in Beijing