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New service provider

Looks like the transition to Mediatemple is going ok 🙂 If you see this page it is because the DNSes have updated.

More later as we proceed to install new things…

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October 27, 2007   Comments Off on New service provider

Damned spam artists

I have been forced to close this blog for people to register directly. Although this website is not exactly very visited, and probably, quite rightly so, it is already getting spam probes.

If you want to register, send me an email. pat[underscore]no[underscore]spam[at]dean[dot]be so I can create an account for you. Sorry for the hassle.

Spam spam spam spam spam-ety SPAM

November 26, 2006   Comments Off on Damned spam artists

Baby is growing

11 days gone, baby Victor is doing well. Still yellow and still not smiling. However according to here he may not smile until end of month 2. hmm. Others started smiling as soon as they left the hospital!

Click here to see current set of pix and filums. Ever growing, just like baby!

November 22, 2006   Comments Off on Baby is growing

More baby items

Here is the current baby picture page. Hope you guys/gals enjoy it. Just added some more pix and another filum.(2006-11-14)
Finally, to bed!!!

Hush little baby, hush quite a lot

November 14, 2006   7 Comments

Baby arrived!

11/11/2006 – 8:53PM Beijing time. A little boy was delivered by Caesarian. 3.53 K, not very big. Still no name.. Coming along.. For those of you who are interested there is a film up of the new baby and mother! (**very rough edit**)

November 13, 2006   2 Comments

Baby due

For those of you who stumble across this site and happen to know who we actually are 🙂 well Echo’s water bag broke this afternoon. Cesarian section most likely in a few hours, I am rushing off to hospital to see what I can do, apart from looking anxious and feeling like strangling doctors.

If you feel like naming a baby boy here is your chance 🙂 (slim, admittedly!)

November 11, 2006   3 Comments

New website!!

Well this is a bit better than the previous incarnations, and hopefully will force me to actually do something with this piece of junk, website no 8.5236.984.632.235.149 and maybe someone will actually care to visit the place.

Have decided to go for WordPress, after much delaying due to lack of time to do much about anything. Definitely WordPress seems the way to go, but still is a long way from being easy and simple to setup, yes installation is a breeze, but getting the site to look like something is different. Expect lots of pain and oddities as I try and get things running.

Many thanks to Swiss Patrik for pointing me in the right direction with his efforts�and I hope that I can avoid the spam harvests that idiots will try and send my way. Just this made my previous website incarnation unuseable.

October 6, 2006   Comments Off on New website!!