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More scam emails – Recently Posted Opening from a certain David Hunt

This one is tricky. Well written, sounds promising and has an apparently “real” email address.

It’s a scam.

  • it does not have your name in it. Think about it, it is claiming to have found you via an online CV firm. It does NOT know your name. Or your background (eg – your background in art and literature leads me to believe) etc…
  • it is using a GMail address, name sounds genuine, but does a real firm use a Gmail address as official correspondance. Of course not.
  • Any further doubts? Check scamwarners. Esp the part about how *you* will become a victim. I was surprised that Google did not send it straight to Spam hell, it is usually quite good.
  • and of course the money. Too easy for too much money? Don’t believe them, have you checked job offers in the UK recently, even in London you can find jobs @ sub 20K GBP/year. Of course this is a pile of manure.

<<We have received your lead from CV Central Staffing Agency ( Based on the information provided, we believe that you might be a good candidate for this part-time position.

Richmond Art Group Ltd are searching for independent agents who will represent our company in different regions. Two to three hours a day performing your duties over the Internet will be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of this position.

The main strategic aim of our company is to provide quick, easy, efficient and secure ways for art lovers to fulfill their dreams by helping sellers and buyers find each other locally, nationally and globally.

The goal of our company is to ensure both, the most reliable security level and simplicity of use and availability.

We are happy to offer you the Payment Processing Agent position.
Here are some of the job requirements:
– 18 years of age or older;
– Internet access to promptly reply to emails;
– availability by phone (1-2 hours a day);

We welcome competent and reliable approach to work, responsibility and initiative in search of the most efficient ways of job implementation.
At the beginning you will be hired on a probationary basis for 30 days. Given your performance is satisfactory you will have a choice to be employed full time and earn more.

Your salary during the training period amounts to GBP 2,300 per month plus 8% commission from each transaction completed. Total income, given the current volume of clients, could easily amount to GBP 4,500 per month. After the training period, your base salary will increase to GBP 3,000  per month plus 8% commission.

My goal is to spark your interest. In light of the present economy, we feel that our position is unique and desirable, as it offers training, support and a pay scale comparable to an entry level position that would normally require 40 hours per week. I hope you will explore, compare, and then contact me with your questions.

If you would like to learn more, please email us any updated contact information to: ( richmond.serviceart (at) gmail (dot) com
Our human resource managers will contact you within 2 business days.

bla bla bla>>


March 31, 2011   Comments Off on More scam emails – Recently Posted Opening from a certain David Hunt

Nice to Meet You – and please hand over your cash…

I am Amelia Dacu. I am 23 years old girl. From Sudan. I am also a member of Facebook. I saw your email address at ( I will appreciate your friendship if you tell me more about you. Could you please contact me at this my e-mail address ( ( amelia.dacu (at) yahoo (dot) in) for my picture and more information about me.

( ( amelia.dacu (at) yahoo (dot) in)>>

Once more we are confronted by SPAM/SCAM. The really annoying part is that this is actually human actuated – they have done (apparently) some research on you (btmbeijing) and are greatly moved by your “profile”. What they fail to say is that they have received a list of emails trawled from a website and are spamming all of them. Again, if they really knew you, they could say your name, or try and give a page on which your profile appears. Also the headers show that its a blind CC, so it’s sent to a whole bunch of people.

Finally why would someone from Sudan (!) use a Yahoo email in India ( Smells scammy.

Typing the email address in Google quickly shows up many pages with this email address, usually email blacklists, so you know, don’t bother unless you like to take them for a ride or be taken for one. Have fun.

November 6, 2010   1 Comment

Eat your chocolate, get paid for it, and lose weight? Surely you mean lose money???

Hello friend,

My name is Catherine Williams.

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for yourself, your family, your loveones (sic) and your friends!.
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NOT ALL chocolates are created equal.
Please visit this very important link below:

[three ws][dot]

[

January 5, 2009   1 Comment

Mediatemple is still there :-)

This site is getting very slow. This is nothing to do with the provider, but all to do with me. So far MT has proven pretty good for my current modest usage of it, in particular it allows much better customisation of the PHP/Apache interface, so you can actually use a php.ini or .htaccess file with most of the options. SSH access is great and works very well, only pity is I could not find a way to bulk FTP my old site across using the default MT tools.

Biedny Wiktoriusz!

[

November 26, 2007   6 Comments

Something less ranty :D

As usual some of the best things out there are found when looking for something completely different.

Apparently there is a project for doing Beijing to Paris without driving. The original was with cars, eg the famous Citroen escapade.

One of the guys is doing this as part of a round the world on a … penny farthing …

Now one his site he has this link to a guy who did one … a hundred and twenty years ago… He came to China. Go to his page to find out how to read the book. Brilliant, really fun and well written. FanKwae we are indeed! 😀

Thomas Stephens on a Penny Farthing

May 16, 2007   Comments Off on Something less ranty :D

currently updating the site

so things will be weird for a while…

its ok lah now..

March 29, 2007   4 Comments

Random wanderings

Looking for a recipe for apple pie came across this one which I may well be doing tomorrow

Via this page then wandered over to this lovely blog with lots of sewing stuff recently inherited 🙂

[

February 16, 2007   Comments Off on Random wanderings

Spam artists – tamen bu yao lian

Just finished installing the Spamato extension on my Thunderbird email client. Very good. I recommend anyone who is trying to manage their incoming spam to check it out. Quite quick it went through the 1255 emails in my inbox in about half an hour, very good considering how bad my current Internet connection is.

One day later, it seems that the Keyscrambler addon may be screwing up the WP editor ? This is where they are. I currently cannot add any links in the graphical editor or else Firefox craps out when saving the doc. This has already been typed six times :-(. Typed in the linx by hand in the HTLM source editor.

Back to Thunderbird. Today it wiped the smile off the faces of all my incoming spam and stuffed them into a Spamato folder. Magic. It added some false +itives I will chase them up in the web console. Very impressed. Not a single real spam got through this time. check them out if you hate spam!Spam spam spam spam spam-ety SPAM

January 30, 2007   2 Comments

Damned Spam Artists part 2

I reopened the blog for comments two days ago – thinking well maybe someone who comes here has something to say. Nope. Only comments so far are spam. This means the chances are that the only visitors are spam artists and robots? Och well..

December 20, 2006   5 Comments

Damned spam artists

I have been forced to close this blog for people to register directly. Although this website is not exactly very visited, and probably, quite rightly so, it is already getting spam probes.

If you want to register, send me an email. pat[underscore]no[underscore]spam[at]dean[dot]be so I can create an account for you. Sorry for the hassle.

Spam spam spam spam spam-ety SPAM

November 26, 2006   Comments Off on Damned spam artists