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Les bières du Québec

Hello to all non robots who wander here.

In all likelihood, a “blog” such as it is now of smaller and smaller value as alternatives abound and are more fitting to most people’s’ purposes.
So what few posts appear will be quite specific in nature and hopefully helpful if only to a small number of people but at least helpful =_=
As I and the family now lurk in Ottawa, in all likelihood this will concentrate on a few key areas:

  • Markets and vendors in Ottawa, in particular the farmers’ markets. Some of the vendors are quite special and deserve a mention for the hard work and dedication to their business. We of course only know some of them as we depend on our bicycles to reach them.
  • Beers of Quebec. Being of Belgian extraction (plus au moins en min of meer) I grew up with what is arguably some of the best or better beers int the world. To my surprise I found out that this tradition is very strong in Quebec, along with German beers and some ales. The english ales and porters seem far more of a Ontario and western Canada tradition. Some of the beers are really good and worthy of note, some less so. No intention to offend anyone, I want to report what I find, as this could be of use to fellow beer appreciators who are lost in the maze of microbrewery offerings available. And the offering is quite spectacular.
  • Oracle OBIEE stuff, in particular Answers as I try out various techniques to get more complicated reports and Dashboards to cooperate.

September 29, 2013   Comments Off on Les bières du Québec