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As it is only possible to complain to Lufthansa by fax, here is a copy so it can be added to the growing voices of discontent

I will be sending a fax to Lufthansa here in China, presumably this will go the way of all other communications but as they provide no other option I will have to try this:
Lufthansa Customer Relation:  China
Name    Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Service and Support Center
City    Shanghai
Zip Code    200021
Address PO    湖滨路222号, 卢湾区., 企业天地一号楼三搂, 14-21室.
Address    Department, SHA XR
Fax    + 86 21 6340 6698

Dear Sirs,

I wish to strongly complain about the attitude and service levels provided by Lufthansa and its flagship airport in Frankfurt. Like thousands of other passengers our luggage was stranded on the plane after we landed on the 19th of December 2010 as for reasons known only to LH the luggage was NOT/NOT taken off the airplane.
Information provided to us on the plane was not correct, information provided on the ground was not correct, staff was (apart from one really helpful woman at the baggage service desk who took the time to go with us to provide a replacement folding stroller) lazy or rude, or both.
We were told to contact LH in Shanghai to get compensation for items we had to purchase whilst our luggage was not delivered at our home.
Please investigate BRULH68005 – the missing item is a electric blue Quinny folding stroller that is most likely in Frankfurt.
Tag Number       LH549852
Tag Number       LH549853
Tag Number       LH549851
Despite three hours in Frankfurt on the way back your airport layout and inefficient (read lazy) staff meant that it was totally impossible to even find the Lufthansa Lost Baggage department. (finding the Frankfurt Aiport Lost Luggage department just earned us a “please fuck off and ask Lufthansa it is not our problem”, I add the please because they did not say “hau ab” but the meaning was the same: Es ist nicht unser Problem, bitte melden sie sich beim Lufthansa.)

Please find a thread started here:
short url:
This will give you all the background info you need.

I would appreciate a quick answer as I need the stroller for our baby and the replacement is for a six month baby not a four year old and you know the quality of the strollers you provide as replacements. Failing that I will have to purchase a new stroller and I will be billing you as per our rights.

Yours Faithfully,

Patrick Dean

Victor in the Quinny stroller

Victor in the Quinny stroller

January 5, 2011   2 Comments

Lots of baby videoze

February 8, 2007   1 Comment

FINALLY! The baby dean page has arrived!

After much agony and frustration here is Victor’s page (and lots of people – Hi Dashan, XingTao! – cuddling him).

Over 100 pictures! So expect baby overload 🙂


December 23, 2006   Comments Off on FINALLY! The baby dean page has arrived!

Baby is growing

11 days gone, baby Victor is doing well. Still yellow and still not smiling. However according to here he may not smile until end of month 2. hmm. Others started smiling as soon as they left the hospital!

Click here to see current set of pix and filums. Ever growing, just like baby!

November 22, 2006   Comments Off on Baby is growing

More baby items

Here is the current baby picture page. Hope you guys/gals enjoy it. Just added some more pix and another filum.(2006-11-14)
Finally, to bed!!!

Hush little baby, hush quite a lot

November 14, 2006   7 Comments

Baby arrived!

11/11/2006 – 8:53PM Beijing time. A little boy was delivered by Caesarian. 3.53 K, not very big. Still no name.. Coming along.. For those of you who are interested there is a film up of the new baby and mother! (**very rough edit**)

November 13, 2006   2 Comments

Baby due

For those of you who stumble across this site and happen to know who we actually are 🙂 well Echo’s water bag broke this afternoon. Cesarian section most likely in a few hours, I am rushing off to hospital to see what I can do, apart from looking anxious and feeling like strangling doctors.

If you feel like naming a baby boy here is your chance 🙂 (slim, admittedly!)

November 11, 2006   3 Comments