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Lunar Eclipse in Beijing

As I get to play around more I hope to finally get some picture up of the Fujifilm X100 I have started using. Lots of site talks of ‘the most hyped camera’ of 2011 or whenever, and I bought it because I can actually use it. Yes, it has some faults, but it has many many qualities that make it an interesting choice for lots of photographers. And that includes bumbling amateurs like me who just try and enjoy taking pictures, but like to have something that can actually take what is wanted, and that requires minimal post processing. But I have little time, so cannot guarantee anything!
For those of you that may see this post looking for a review of the Fujifilm X100 I wish I had time to do one. Seriously, it deserves better press than a lot of what I have read. It really will make you happy about having a camera again, and just taking pictures that you like. The angle of the lens, the luminosity are totally perfect. It is not so much a question of zoom or lack of it, it is a question of having a field of vision that is natural and close to how you eyes see things, with a bit extra on the sides. You can see a shot and frame it, whip out your camera, and take it. Wander around with it, it makes no noise, it just looks nice. People will not feel embarrassed by having a large phallus thrust at them, nor will they feel that you are taking a picture with a toy.
Maybe more. Stay tuned. (lightly tuned)

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December 13, 2011   Comments Off on Lunar Eclipse in Beijing

Archos 5, the “Ipod Touch Killer” – is it worth buying?

Well, here goes for another one. Once again, this is not to replace reviews that exist out there, in particular the review on ArchosLounge is worth reading as it is sufficiently in depth and will give you an answer to just about everything you can ask for.  And yes they also have the review in English! 🙂 En particulier pour les francobetes (amis lecteurs capables de lire le français) leur forum répond à beaucoup de questions pratiques. [Read more →]

January 30, 2009   10 Comments

Netgear WGT624 vs Linksys WRT310N

This is not meant to replace your normal “reviews” or more often, infomercials, about one product or another, but to try and give you an idea from a user’s perspective of what I would recommend as a good choice for a home wireless/wired setup.

First of all, why these two routers? They are actually relatively close in functions to each other: 4 cabled port, wireless, firewalled, uPNP enabled, full browser-based configuration Internet connection sharing devices.

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January 25, 2009   3 Comments

Merry Christmas to all of you who come by here (and that includes all the robots as well :-)

Quick rant about our Xmas dinner at Feichang Thai (Very Siam) here in Beijing as it justs sucks to have to eat such fake thai when the place *was* so good in the past. Nothing is permanent here, and here is further proof of Beijing’s rapid descent *down* the culinary scales as people forgo authenticity in lieu of crass and in your face ‘trendyness’. It seems it is easier to make money selling crap wrapped up in gold leaf rather than making the effort of doing the real thing.

My wife asked me soon after we ordered ‘why are there so many dongbeiren serving us here?’ and it all clicked into place. I was the only paleface in the joint, last year it was full of them. It has changed its target clientele and is now aiming for the clueless hip ‘nouveau riche’ chinese and serves up Thai dishes that taste as if designed by a Dongbei chef. From the deep fried mandarin fish in sweet and sour sauce that looks and tastes exactly like a poor man’s song shu gui yu (but it ain’t cheap) to the Tom Yum soup that is tasteless and totally lacking in anything except maybe the name of the packet that it came out of to the masaman curry that is just totally weird and bears no relationship to the real thing. Oh and the ‘vietnamese spring rolls’ even had a layer of sugar to crunch on and no mint at all. Looked and tasted just like pillows. For 360 kuai per couple (and with only 1 beer! imagine how much if you buy drinks for two!) it is just a total waste of your money. Cool for dating clueless Dongbeiren though 😉 Looks nice, but it is all so shallow.

If you want real thai in Beijing, try somewhere else! (Purple Haze?)

December 25, 2007   2 Comments