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Lufthansa’s disastrous handling of passenger luggage during the snowstorms 2010-12-19

Luggage lost, why is Frankfurt airport unable to have luggage delivered when onwards flights cancelled?

Arrived from Beijing on LH721 (Beijing-Frankfurt), 19-12-2010, during another snowstorm.
During the flight they announced dozens of cancelled flights, including our onwards flight to Brussels. Luckily I knew that it was possible to take the train so that was not too bad.
BUT – what on EARTH is Lufthansa doing? They KNOW that all the onwards flights are canceled, what the HELL are they doing NOT DELIVERING the bags to the baggage delivery area but leaving them on the plane? IN THE PLANE we were told:
– if your onwards flight is canceled please go to the baggage delivery area to collect your bags
– if you have a possibility to take the train, please go to DB (Deutsche Bahn) and you will get a ticket for free in exchange for your travel stub.
NONE OF THIS HAPPENED! It was a complete and utter ballsup! German infefficiency delivered with German efficiency! No effective communications with the passengers, rude staff (actually not rude, but worse, lazy), DB even ruder.
So we got home, but had to pay for tickets, supposedly it will be paid back. But the real problem is the luggage, WHERE IS THE LUGGAGE? Two 1/2 days later, nothing out there on the status website. A friend in Germany has had her luggage lost by Lufti. What kind of hope do we now have?

But why oh why could you not save everyone massive headaches and deliver the luggage? You have saved NOTHING doing that and just spread so much misery. Fellow passengers even worse off, one couple with three kids left weeping, no luggage, no nothing, no possibility of onwards travel, everything cut off and just left out there in the cold. Lufthansa you have lost so much street cred in this debacle you have a lot of work on your hands.

Please answer: what are you doing with the luggage? BRULH68005

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December 22, 2010   1 Comment