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Posts from — November 2010

Nice to Meet You – and please hand over your cash…

I am Amelia Dacu. I am 23 years old girl. From Sudan. I am also a member of Facebook. I saw your email address at ( I will appreciate your friendship if you tell me more about you. Could you please contact me at this my e-mail address ( ( amelia.dacu (at) yahoo (dot) in) for my picture and more information about me.

( ( amelia.dacu (at) yahoo (dot) in)>>

Once more we are confronted by SPAM/SCAM. The really annoying part is that this is actually human actuated – they have done (apparently) some research on you (btmbeijing) and are greatly moved by your “profile”. What they fail to say is that they have received a list of emails trawled from a website and are spamming all of them. Again, if they really knew you, they could say your name, or try and give a page on which your profile appears. Also the headers show that its a blind CC, so it’s sent to a whole bunch of people.

Finally why would someone from Sudan (!) use a Yahoo email in India ( Smells scammy.

Typing the email address in Google quickly shows up many pages with this email address, usually email blacklists, so you know, don’t bother unless you like to take them for a ride or be taken for one. Have fun.

November 6, 2010   1 Comment

Beware of your inbox! <>

Su Huang


There is a situation here I think you should know about.


Why should you be  careful: do you know this person? If yes, would you expect them to write

“Are you….?”

as title. They kmow you or not??

A lot of google searching turned up nothing on the email address but the headers are interesting:

From: Su Huang <>
Reply-to: s.huang (at) kimo (dot) com 
To: turns out to be a free webmail provider in Taiwan (Yahoo!!). alarm.

The originator is probably a real person whose email address has been hacked, reply email is not the same, but very similar, to evade suspicion.

Although email appears directed to me, it is probably just a BCC as the TO: in the header is the originator, not my email.

Trying out the IP address and email turned up nothing, so it seems this is a highly targeted attack, using apparently high value email addresses (I suspect collected from Hotmail, I have had four contacts have their Hotmail accounts hijacked in the last year).

Doing a google search on exact sentence used turns out a useful conversation on this website. (JKOWNERS) so I guess it’s good to double-check on any email that comes in, especially alarming ones that are apparently asking you to reply but give no info of their own. This is scam email that is asking you to answer and then becomes a classic Nigerian scam. Don’t do it!!!

It is worth reading the JKOWNERS thread as they talk about how they tagged the con artists along for fun.

Good luck!

November 1, 2010   Comments Off on Beware of your inbox! <>

Busy bots in Ukraine

Sudden burst of robotic nonsense coming out of Ukraine, quite what they think that this weak website has of use for them I do not know, but they have been trying quite hard all proportions kept.

Author : Bigizer (IP: ,
E-mail : ( Bigizer (at) gmail (dot) com

(just one of many!)

One could argue that some form of spam is unavoidable on the Net but this is just stupid stuff, more just designed to bring the target website down due to spam volume and possibly to increase Google rankings for pill/sex fake sites through SEO tactics.

Basically a waste of time and electricity (at some point spammers will  have to be fined for the energy that they have wasted by abusing a shared resource such as the Internet)

November 1, 2010   Comments Off on Busy bots in Ukraine