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Posts from — June 2007

Hope Bleed and Die :-) Or how to bleed a Hope Mono Mini disk brake set

This is something I did just before setting out for a MOB ride, and I don’t recommend doing that for the first time. You will find that you spill oil everywhere and getting oil on your disk brakes + pads is not recommended. Nor on your clothes, pets, baby or jibadeng (why would you want to do that anyway and who knows the correct pinyin for the beast? :P)

So, here are some pictures to explain the process. This is using the ‘My Little Bleeder’ kit from Hope, and a Hope Mono Mini setup but it will work chabuduo the same for other Hope hydraulic brakes. If you do not have the kit, I suggest getting one, or if you are with the MOB, asking nicely 😉

First. Read the instructions. Don’t start to do anything. Did you understand them? Good. Ignore this post. You are obviously looking for something else. If not, read on…

My Little Bleeder - small picture

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June 13, 2007   10 Comments