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Huangshan 2007 pix

Finally get round to putting link up to these pictures I took at the race. It was great fun, very good track, a bit short at 40K overall but quite demanding. Probably the best MTB race here in China.

Huangshan Mountain Bike Race - Before the start

May 16, 2007   Comments Off on Huangshan 2007 pix

Something less ranty :D

As usual some of the best things out there are found when looking for something completely different.

Apparently there is a project for doing Beijing to Paris without driving. The original was with cars, eg the famous Citroen escapade.

One of the guys is doing this as part of a round the world on a … penny farthing …

Now one his site he has this link to a guy who did one … a hundred and twenty years ago… He came to China. Go to his page to find out how to read the book. Brilliant, really fun and well written. FanKwae we are indeed! 😀

Thomas Stephens on a Penny Farthing

May 16, 2007   Comments Off on Something less ranty :D

XTR Chainring bolts – meiyou

After my friendly bike shop did something strange with one of the bolts on the XTR middle chainring of my bike, and spending the best part of the Huangshan race having my chain fall between middle and outer ring and me lose two more bolts. Return to Beijing and then on to another shop where the only competent bike mechanic in town lurks. Ask for bike cleaning. Forget to mention the missing bits but do mention problem with wheel. ‘no problem’ it is fine. We will see. [Read more →]

May 16, 2007   3 Comments