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Mediatemple is still there :-)

This site is getting very slow. This is nothing to do with the provider, but all to do with me. So far MT has proven pretty good for my current modest usage of it, in particular it allows much better customisation of the PHP/Apache interface, so you can actually use a php.ini or .htaccess file with most of the options. SSH access is great and works very well, only pity is I could not find a way to bulk FTP my old site across using the default MT tools.

Biedny Wiktoriusz!

What will I miss with Infomaniak? The webmail. I must admit their

webmail interface is quite good, is available via HTTPS and has useful things like the ability to select multiple emails and send them off to spam hell in one go. the @mail interface of Mediatemple is, sorry guys, crap. So I use gmail to get hold of my email, although the ‘conversation’ idea is not bad, in practice it is sometimes very confusing. At least Thunderbird wor

ks OK and Mediatemple is much more stable than Infomaniak, I have had 0 problems with big mail downloads and response/speed is much better.

FTP with Infomaniak was a real hassle, it seemed to cack up all t

he time, in the end I stuck with Filezilla, but it was always screwing up. With Mediatemple this has not happened anymore. Seems to be a timeout issue on the Infomaniak FTP server, it just pretends a file has not arrived. By the way I highly re

commend Bitvise Tunnelier for using MT’s SSH and FTP, I have found the Tunnelier FTP to be particularly robust and fast, it has yet to fail on multi gigabyte data transfers. And it is free 🙂

With the US$ now approaching parity with the hyrax dropping on the open

market, Mediatemple’s 200$/year offering is very competitive with Infomaniak’s 120+ euros. In fact I think that Infomaniak need to seriously reprice their offering and change their policy regarding PHP memory limits and timeouts, amongst other things. Dommage car après 4 ans ce fut une décision difficile de changer de provider. Mais c’est sans regrets.

But I have still not had time to install Gallery 2.0 🙁 Babies are the no1 priority now! Uploading pix of babies is a bit further down the ladder…


1 dom { 01.03.08 at 5:03 am }

Hi Pat happy 2008 . C. U still up to crazy things like in BXLS
Cheers Dom.

2 patrick { 01.05.08 at 6:29 pm }

Hey Dom!! Happy 2008 also! erm looooong time no see! what is happening at your end? Presumably a few things since we last saw each other 😉 I sent you an invite to Facebook, if you have a chance join me on there it is a useful tool for people to stay in touch (providing of course one does not have too many friends – it then become like anything else – a pain as you spend all your life there and not out in the real world! 😛 ) Cheers! Pat.

3 araballnet { 06.09.08 at 4:00 am }

thanks for no follow links

4 fastvacationrental { 06.13.08 at 8:15 am }

My site has been going fairly slow as well and thats mainly because I’ve been dealing with school and what not and haven’t had the time to do anything but pay for hosting and registration. 🙁 good luck and I hope everything works out.

5 atyafmsr { 01.30.09 at 9:19 pm }

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6 patrick { 01.30.09 at 10:37 pm }

That is the important point. If you want SEO to work you have to think what are people going to type in a search engine to find you. Use simple short descriptions and sentences, make sure the sentence is grammatically correct and has no spelling mistakes. WordPress is a very good way to get traffic to your site esp with the SEO pack installed it greatly improves your ability to generate search hits. Also, check what the search engines are hitting your site with, are people finding your site based on what you want to them to be looking for or are the search terms irrelevant? Check with the search engines themselves, see how far down the rankings your are. Use links to other sites in your posts in order to increase the ‘reach’ of your page, use trackbacks when linking to other sites as reference material.