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Mobsterings and no Gallery 2.0

Until I can somehow find a WSP (Web Service Provider) that allows me to host large files (ie 20GB of space or more) has secure SMTP, IMAP and POP3 access, the usual LAMP type setup and can run Gallery 2.0 along with WP and everything else I want to throw at it (Ruby on Rails for example) then I am stuck with kludging on this site.

This is a pity, I have a large number of pictures that could well go out there. Flickr is useful, but is a huge dustbin as well, with just a search on Beijing coming up with thousands upon thousands of pictures, nearly all of them just holiday snaps of no use or interest.

At least Porta is really beautifully designed, although it needs some tweaking to get it to be really 100% useful. It is very fast in generating pix, but totally non-interactive, in other words, once out there, the pix are static, just paintings on the wall. Why infomaniak cannot get its act together and ramp up PHP memory and have decent libraries beyond a basic GDLib drives me crazy, as they are otherwise really good.

So, enjoy the MOB pictures from Bai He  from KHM, they are really good. And there is another one here of the ride to Machang on the 1th of May