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XTR Chainring bolts – meiyou

After my friendly bike shop did something strange with one of the bolts on the XTR middle chainring of my bike, and spending the best part of the Huangshan race having my chain fall between middle and outer ring and me lose two more bolts. Return to Beijing and then on to another shop where the only competent bike mechanic in town lurks. Ask for bike cleaning. Forget to mention the missing bits but do mention problem with wheel. ‘no problem’ it is fine. We will see.

Return a few days later, they have found out about the missing bolts, but they are still missing. Do they have them? No, but we can get them for you. Soon. Wait impatiently for the call. Nearly a week later – they are there. rush over to the shop and… THEY ARE THE WRONG SIZE ?!?!?!? WTF? They spend nearly 45 minutes trying to get the things on. They are too long. I can’t believe it.Can they get the right size bolts? ‘sorry, we cannot, your equipment is too good, we do not have these bolts here’. This is the kind of dangerous talk that starts endless fights here in Beijing. Coming from a bike shop that sells bikes equipped with XTR to somehow come up with that one is insulting. Coming from about the only shop that is supposedly ‘professional’ makes me want to trash the place.

I am on my own.

I don’t want to sound limp or whining but something escapes me. Once I finish farting then I must think. Now has started the endless trawl of Internet sites and particularly Ebay to find what I need. I cannot yet do it in Chinese so undoubtedly they must be out there on Taobao or or one of the other myriad sites out there. So I end up finding this and almost buying, but do I need to buy canadian titanium bolts in China?? Then there are these but are these right?

So I eventually talk with a fellow mobster and also recent proud father, who coincidence, frequently goes back to Hong Kong! I am saved! Frantically email bike shop I bought bike from originally, do they have, how much? Answer, we have, not Shimano, but KCNC 800HK$ per set. Sorry? 4 bolts for 100 US$? Your joking, right?. So I now have to find who this KCNC is and see if I can order somehow direct. KCNC on Ebay is 20$US for 8. So now I am talking with someone in Jiangsu province. I am not feeling hopeful about this. The HK shop has since corrected their price by removing a zero. ok 80HK$ sounds much better. Will make a decision tomorrow but Jiangsu is looking far away and far too slow. This is what happens when you are unknown small useless customer trying to order useless spare parts with no margin, I guess.

So – when I finally get my bike fixed – will come the next question. I need new wheels for my MTB. How the HELL can I buy them here when I dont know if the bleeding idiots selling them even have spare parts for them, that they are not fake (eg fake DT Swiss spokes anyone? you can easily get fake Chris King or Aheadset here in BJ and I cannot tell if they are fake or not) or that the hub is not a factory reject? Such a damn pain.

I guess the answer is to open one own’s bike shop – but something different – where people can come and install stuff by themselves, for a small fee, if they are competent, or have stuff installed for them. Clean their bikes, get spares, have coffee, rent bikes if that is feasible etc… Like a bike cooperative – not where cyclists are treated like morons by idiots but where biking has a chance to keep that community spirit going.

A suivre donc 🙂


1 Eric { 06.19.07 at 2:05 am }

Beijing Bike Coop – yes, yes, yes… sign me up!!

PS See you in August… 🙂

2 patrick { 06.19.07 at 12:05 pm }

Hey eedj! Kewl, look forward to seeing you again 🙂
Thanx 4 support. Baby Victor gurgles his thanks 2 😛

3 patrick { 07.20.07 at 10:26 am }

So, some considerable time later, I can post that XTR M960 bolts *do* exist. They *do* work, but you have to be careful. I have got some from KCNC in Taiwan, and can get some more if anyone needs them or anything else KCNC / BearBone for that matter (I have a Dura-ace compatible 12-27 rear cassette that is really nice, beautiful and light from them). Anyways, your bolts must be 4mm max in length and fully threaded, otherwise they have slack at the end after screwing then into the sleeve so they will not be tight. The material used is quite solid (7075 AL) I also had some A2Z chainring bolts and they are really weak (and also do not fit the M960!), the allen key pattern got wrecked very easily. I will post some pix of the KCNC bolts l8er. I believe they can be used for single speed as well, given that the M960 pattern means that in effect each ring is like a single speed (four inner ring bolts + 2*4 of these 4mm bolts for the middle+outer rings)