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Spam artists – tamen bu yao lian

Just finished installing the Spamato extension on my Thunderbird email client. Very good. I recommend anyone who is trying to manage their incoming spam to check it out. Quite quick it went through the 1255 emails in my inbox in about half an hour, very good considering how bad my current Internet connection is.

One day later, it seems that the Keyscrambler addon may be screwing up the WP editor ? This is where they are. I currently cannot add any links in the graphical editor or else Firefox craps out when saving the doc. This has already been typed six times :-(. Typed in the linx by hand in the HTLM source editor.

Back to Thunderbird. Today it wiped the smile off the faces of all my incoming spam and stuffed them into a Spamato folder. Magic. It added some false +itives I will chase them up in the web console. Very impressed. Not a single real spam got through this time. check them out if you hate spam!Spam spam spam spam spam-ety SPAM


1 Qian Wang { 02.02.07 at 1:27 am }

patrick, I’m the developer of KeyScrambler. I’m sorry about the bug you encountered. It’s a known problem with some blogging software and we’re working on a fix right now. It should be included in the next release of KeyScrambler.

2 patrick { 02.03.07 at 10:54 pm }

Hi Qiang Wang, nice bit of customer service that! Glad you know about it and are working on it. Your product is very useful, assuming no keyloggers manage to put themselves in as a service or device or other cloaked piece of junk before yours. Would that be possible?
Thanks, look forward to being able to use WP normally again 🙂