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Beware of Kira Roboz – spam email – probably phishing

Received an email from a certain Kira Roboz on the 20th of march, apart form the strange name, it was coming with my full name and details emenating from so I suspect that my account has been compromised.
Salient points, trying to spoof a known customer response address: customeriomail[dot]com
The rest of the post has links to remote[dot]com and the unsubscribe linke to customer[dot]io (haha) so it is quite well crafted.

So – if you have received something from her/him/it, do not click, as I have no idea what they are up to, but it is not going to be friendly.

seems that customeriomail[dot]com is popping up in a few places, courtesy of which is using it as a mass emailer.
Organisation PEABERRY SOFTWARE INC. is what icann comes up with.

Try searching for Kira Roboz in the usual social media thingies and nothing will turn up. Smells phishy? yup.