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Apple Sanlitun finally gets me a replacement Mac Book Air after it dies for the fourth time

After my mid 2011 Mac Book Air died for the fourth time, I had to kick up a bit of a fuss at the Genius Bar in Sanlitun, they wanted me to wait *1 month* to get a replacement MBA from Singapore (!!).
Turns out that Apple HK had also not put my AppleCare onto the MBA, so I also had to fight to get them to recognize I had Applecare on it (weird). Had to leave fuming. Then later that same day got a phone call, they would replace my MBA immediately.
I went back and got a brand new MBA and 3 year AppleCare :-). It seems to work and has same Samsung SSD as previous one. up at 2:45 AM having recovered from TimeMachine backup. now going to sleep. what a mess. can I expect this one to last more than one month??? Kudos to Apple SLT though for doing the right thing and getting me a replacement immediately.
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