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Project honeypot

I have installed some code from Project Honeypot to the website, not that much is necessarily happening but the amount of cleverer or manual comment spam is starting to get on my nerves, so I am hoping that a couple of changes will help keep the site cleaner.

Using Bad Behaviour and Comments Cleaner I hope will stop nearly all comment spam since either it cannot get there, or once it has, the links are removed anyways. So all the stupid ‘I love your site’ or ‘please explain how to add me to your RSS feed’ type of stuff will go away..

If you are really human and want to add a link – please just add the site name ( as plain text and I will then change the link manually. Sorry for the hassle but given a ratio of spam of something like 1000/1 real comments it is better to proceed like this.

PS for those of you in ZH – you will need to use a proxy to find the code to install the honeypot code – it is blocked. Maikefailapolis? 😕


1 patrick { 10.03.09 at 9:38 pm }

interestingly, or annoyingly, i now have more spam to moderate as no comments have links! maybe i need to remove this…

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