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Eat your chocolate, get paid for it, and lose weight? Surely you mean lose money???

Hello friend,

My name is Catherine Williams.

Let this HEALTHY CHOCOLATE be a perfect Christmas Gift
for yourself, your family, your loveones (sic) and your friends!.
Just like you, I was shock (sic), at first, but YES it’s true,
NOT ALL chocolates are created equal.
Please visit this very important link below:

[three ws][dot]

In just (3)three steps you’ll be eating the most nutritious
and delicious food in the entire planet and GET PAID
at the same time, like me!.

So Goodluck (sick) And Happy Eating, (and more sic)

Catherine Williams
Web Promoter

eGlobal Company
60th St North
Clearwater FL. 33760

This is a one time email only, no need to remove, if you insist.
Please reply with the subject REMOVE if you want to be remove.


please feel free to send her some chocolate!

I have tried googling up something on and found nothing useful.

Whois on same address just shows it is an address forwarding thing – BE VERY CAREFUL!!!:

Domain Name : cathwilliams[dot]co[dot]cc
Registrar : CO.CC, INC.
Whois Server :
Referral URL :

Creation Date : 18-Dec-2008

Registrant catherine williams

sydney sydney

Email :
Phone :
Instant messenger :

Updated Date : 18-Dec-2008
Creation Date : 18-Dec-2008

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Perfect site you have. Congrats!