Poem for 2006

They spoke to me they said

Write a pop song or poetry they said

Help us stop these funny feelings

Driving round inside our head.

The Buddha’s smile is enigmatic

And I’ve captured it with my Instamatic.

You’ve got it bad, I’ve got it worse.

I’ve got hemorrhoids in a snakeskin purse.

What’s in between is not defined-

Out of sight and out of mind.

So I wrote this poem to kill the feelings

The wheelings the dealings and the fallen ceilings.

Where birds fly free

Falls bird shit also.

On flights to Bangkok or Capri

Tourists come and go.

How much does the fuel cost

For a one-way ticket to Paradise Lost?

Never mind.

That’s not what we’re booking for.

It’s not what we’re looking for

But what we find.

We’re in search of little girls

We’re in search of special thrills,

Should I pay for your perversions?

Will they cure our mental ills?

A patchwork cover, smoothed by eager hands,

Invites you to these pleasant lands.

So fly with me, fly, till tanks run dry

And horny tongues hide where all must lie.