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Latest addition to camera collection:

Kodak copy (distant) of twin-lens Rolleiflex. In very good condition, actually takes nice pictures and is easy to use. Cost me 12 euro.

For an overview of my camera collection, go here.


Also, the outdoor loo at my farmhouse in the Belgian Ardennes. Now replaced by a tasteful flowerpot.



70 years of

my poems

+a new one for 2006


What's the most brilliant music service on the internet? Pandora- or rather it was until they restricted it to US users only. No wonder the music industry is going down the tubes.



Photo Albums

Click here to see my photo albums on the Apple site.

Latest updates include the birth of Victor, my first grandchild; the 20th Anniversary dinner of IABC Belgium; ordination of my daughter Miriam as a Buddhist nun; our September visit to China, including Beijing, Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors; and country festivals involving mostly beer.



(These videos need a Quicktime player which you can download free).


Interesting links

Share some of the sites I find most interesting or useful on the Web.


And now go to Patrick's Home Page, The Deanies, for more fun and games.

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